What Should International Tourists Know About Car Rental and Campervan Hire Finland

A successful trip when in Finland depends on the understanding you possess regarding car rental and campervan hire in the country. Before setting off on the trip to Finland to enjoy it’s biggest attractions, check that your 18th birthday has come and gone. If you are under 18 years, the law does not allow you the luxury of driving a rented car or hired campervan. Secondly, the law prohibits you from driving a rented car or hired campervan without a valid driving license.

It is worth noting that the age limitations applicable regarding car rentals and campervan hires in Finland differ depending on the type of car or campervan that you wish to use during your trip in the country. If you have not held the driving license for not less than one year, do not attempt to apply for car rental since the company will not ascent to your request lest it is ready to face the wrath of the government.

Drop Off and Pick Up Destinations

You can pick up or drop off a rented car and hired campervan from any of the following destinations in Finland:

  1. Helsinki

  2. Tampere

  3. Kuusamo

  4. Rovaniemi

  5. Lahti

  6. Turku

Road Rules

Road rules vary, but international tourists must remember the most fundamental of these, which include the following:

  • Driving a rented car or hired campervan should be on right side of the road

  • Never drive a car rental or campervan hire around Finland without a seatbelt

  • Do not be on a mobile phone while driving a rented car or hired campervan, except if you are using hands-free system

  • The law expects drivers to carry the following items at all times when driving:

  1. Valid driver’s license

  2. Registration documents

  3. Insurance documents

Petrol Stations

It is also worth noting that the petrol or gas stations in Finland stay open between 7am and 9pm each day. However, in some major cities around Finland, the petrol stations will remain open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. All highways in Finland are free of toll stations, thus allowing you to travel in peace. Remember to do all your parking at the relevant places – more preferably at the designated metered parking locations.

One-Way Rentals

Finland laws allow the Finnish people to rent cars one-way without restrictions or paying a single cent. However, international tourists must pay the appropriate fees for the one-way rentals.  It is important for international tourists to understand that not all cars are eligible for the one-way rental program. Depending on the restrictions that the car rental and campervan hire firm has put in place, you can hire a car in one location and return it to a different one.

Therefore, car rentals and campervan hires in Finland should be relatively easy if you understand these rules and laws. International tourists must be in possession of all relevant documents while driving. It is advisable that you keep driving the rented car or hired campervan within the acceptable speed limits. In built areas, keep the speed limit at 50km/h. Ensure that the car or campervan has winter tyres before hiring it during winter.