Demystifying Car Rental and Campervan Hire in Ireland

Regardless of the website that you visit for information regarding car rental and campervan hire in Ireland, you will have to enter the same details. The details that you enter will inform the rental firm the fees that you should pay for their services. This shows why you must be accurate with your details as they could have an impact on the money that you spend in hiring a car or campervan in Ireland.


So, what details should you fill accurately?

Location for Drop-Off and Pick Up

The best location is at the airport immediately you alight from your airplane. The small surcharge that you would pay for airport pick up or drop off would be worth paying to avoid the hassle of driving in the city.

Date and Time for Drop Off and Pick Up

If you rent the car or campervan for long, expect to pay more. Try to be consistent enough to enter details regarding the pick up and drop off times that are only an hour apart. Consequently, if the pick up time is 9am, enter the drop off time as 10am when you return the car.


If you are younger than 21 years or older than 75 years, the laws in Ireland do not allow you to rent a car or hire a campervan. Drivers aged between 21 years and 25 years must pay an additional fee, as they are a risk. Drivers aged 25-74 years receive the best deals.


The cost of renting a manual or automatic car and campervan differ considerably.  Cars or campervans with manual transmissions are cheaper. Rent cars with automatic transmissions if you are not accustomed to driving cars with manual transmissions back in your country of origin.

Additional Drivers

With each additional driver, you will pay more for Budget car rental and campervan hire in Ireland. Most of the rental companies in Ireland will charge a fee of around $13 for each extra day that an additional driver is behind the wheels.

Size of Car

A smaller car or campervan does not attract hefty fees. However, do not rush for the smaller car if you are traveling in a large group. Despite the size of the traveling group, always try to get the smallest car or campervan that would be enough for everybody.


The Ireland car rental and campervan hire firms ask customers to indicate the currency in which they want the quote to appear. To make life easier for you, ask different rental firms to send their quotes in the same currency for easy and more effective comparison.


The rental firms will offer extras such as GPS, mobile hot spot and child seats. Check with them firms to find out whether the extras come at additional cost or not. The extras often come at an additional cost, but you might just be in luck.

Therefore, the next time you plan to travel to Ireland, read these guidelines for a much better understanding on the details that the firms offering car rental and campervan hire services expect you to fill when asking for a quote. You have to know what you want. Be accurate with the details that you feel on the different websites, as this is the only way in which you can receive accurate estimates.